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LIT- switched on, smart, efficient, and always up to date with the latest trends. We believe that these characteristics are essential for success in the rapidly evolving world of marketing.

As the founder of our marketing agency, I saw a need for businesses to access professional and cost-effective marketing services without the obligation of hiring full-time staff. That's why we established LIT - "The Marketing Department" for your business, to provide customized marketing solutions that fit each business's specific needs and budget, all while boosting brand awareness and sales.

Our agency takes great pride in being a social enterprise that promotes a sustainable future. We urge our clients to integrate a social impact element into their marketing campaigns, using the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a blueprint for achieving a better 2030.

                                                - Monika Papadopoulos

                                                          CEO of LIT

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Promoting memorable experiences among different communities.

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Facebook Ads can be incredibly effective in driving growth for businesses.

SMM, Video, Influencer marketing, AI and Personalization

Some of the most important marketing trends in the real estate industry and how you can use them to your advantage

The power of podcasts lies in their ability to engage an audience with audio content that can be consumed on the go

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Sale Branding
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Businesses today are increasingly recognizing the power of storytelling to shape their marketing strategy and engage with their audience

By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of how to use marketing to generate leads for your hospital.

When crafting a message, it’s important to consider how it aligns with the communication plan

The world is constantly changing, and with it, so are the trends of the day. Community events are no exception.




Our LIT Creatives contribute to our success every day, join our network, and sign up to join our creative nomads from across the world. If you are a copywriter, graphic designer, video editor or photographer we would have to have you on board. We are an inclusive environment giving opportunities to creatives across the world.


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LIT Events


Make your events memorable! 

Let's get LIT!

Corporate Events, Community Events, Concerts, Birthdays ,

Food Stations , Fun and Games,Home Dinners and so much more.

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