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We are a diverse team of marketing specialist and creatives across the region. We aim to create engaging and impactful content to bring your brand closer to the heart of your audience.

Inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we aim to drive social impact through our out of the box marketing campaigns and programs.

LIT will be launching the first sustainable aggregator for social impact in the region. The platform will leverage partnerships among sustainability stakeholders: NGOs, corporates , governmental entities and social entrepreneurs.

Our Services

Digital Marketing

We work with renowned brands, influencers and startups .We provide social media services, photography, videography, content production and website development.

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Content Production

We produce creative videography and photography with our talented nomads. We provide on set cameramen ,hair dressers, makeup artist, art directors, personal stylist and in the coolest locations.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We are passionate about making a positive impact in the world. We customize social impact marketing campaigns and programs. LIT will be launching the first aggregator for social impact in the region connecting all stakeholders: NGOs, the Private Sector, Governmental Entities and Social Startups.

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Branded Sustainable

Check out our sustainable branded products that can be used to highlight your brand all at affordable prices.

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Are you an Influencer?

Create a Positive Change in the world


Maximise and measure your Impact

Measure your Return on Investment

Step 1: Choose an SDG.

Step 2: Create a Social Impact Program.

Step 3: Design a Marketing Startegy.

Step 4: Implement the Program.

Step 5: Measure the Impact


Creativity for Impact

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