Love Your Silhouette

#No to Body Shaming

- Bana Idriss Influencer and Lifestyle Nutritionist

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#Love Your Silhouette

Activation 1- Agenda

Influencer Bana Idriss, is passionate about social impact . As a certified lifestyle nutritionist and coach, she always wanted to create a positive impact in the world. On December 23rd 2020, “Love your Silhouette” was launched with Bana Idriss a renowned influencer and lifestyle certified nutritionist. This programs aims to raise awareness among adults and future generations saying "No to Body Shaming" and changing people's lives through educating them on how to sustain a healthy lifestyle and well-being.


We aim to scale the program starting from Dubai, United Arab Emirates and reaching out to the rest of the Arab world.

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2:00-2:30 :Singing Christmas Choir

2:30-2:35: Welcome Note and the importance of Good Health and Wellbeing- Monika Social Impact Expert

2:35-2:50 :Dr Khaled Hannoun - Dentist - Importance of the Beauty of your Smile

3:00-3:30: Interactive workshop on the building a healthy Christmas waffle - Bana Idriss

3:30-4:00: Santa to distribute gifts to all

4:00-4:30: Yoga with @Sabrinabiljana

4:30 Onwards: Enjoy the Sunset , Food and Music.

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