We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.

- Native American


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Using 3 layers of treated fabrics, fifilters, and formaldehyde-free mesh, we have developed a product that is capable of minimizing 99.98% of bacteria and is re-washable up to 30x.

Antimicrobial : 99.98% reduction of bacteria in 24 hours.

Water Repellent : Degree 3 (AATCC 22) 3D Shape, 3 Layers and 2 Sizes.


Best fit and comfort for men and women 

Washable : Up to 30 times


Carbon Footprint: This mask uses 60 times less carbon footprint than a single use mask.


Shelf Life: 5 Years


Filtering Efficiency:  ≥95%


Usage: no certificates are required when used as a filtering mask.


Skin friendly:  hygroscopic material


Filter Functionality: No compromise in safety or filter functionality after cleaning


Cost: Outstanding costs compared to single-use masks.


Awareness: Increase Brand Awareness if branded

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Price : $4.5 /pc

Minimum Order Quantity (branded) : 5k units

Minimum Order Quantity (unbranded): 2.5k units

Packing : 384pcs/box, 25.5” x 16” x 12.5” (GW 25 lbs)

Leadtimes: 25-30days after purchase

Monthly Capacity : >2 million

Sustainable Development Goals
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